Improve your listening skills with Seth Godin`s life story

One of the best ways to improve listening skills is to listen and watch television programs.

You can also learn some new grammar points through this, besides learning some new words and vocabulary. And the main reason is that you can make sure the words that you learn are exactly the words that natives would use.

How to practice

First, thoroughly watch a video
Try to write down the words you don`t know their meanings, so that you can look them up later in a dictionary
If you did not understand a part of the video, go ahead and pause it. Listen to it for a second time or more, if needed.
Sometimes you may not understand all words or sentences due to speakers` high speed, THAT IS FINE.

After finishing the video, it is best to look up the words you have written down and to transfer them to your notebook too.

What to do after listening to improve?

You can watch or listen to the media once again, but this time concentrate on the way of using new words and grammars.
You can also repeat the sentences aloud using the new words you have learnt, this way you can practice your speaking too.

Does watching movies with subtitles help?
If the subtitles are in English, then the answer is YES. If you have recently started watching movies, this would help you learn new words, better.

Now you can watch the following video, practicing the above-mentioned strategies.
Soon you can see some improvements.

Words and expressions from this video:

Chipping away
Scoop up